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How To Select the Best Rental Borescope for Your Application

Many remote visual inspection users rely on rental borescopes to meet their periodic inspection applications. They are faced with choosing from a variety of suppliers and equipment for the best remote visual inspection equipment to use for their inspection. Typically, … Continue reading

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Videoscopes Successfully Inspect Cell Phone Towers

Cellular towers need periodic remote visual inspection. Videoscopes or Video borescopes are used to inspect the inner structure of the towers for defects. Inspector will look carefully for corrosion, cracking, pitting, oxidation, weld penetration and general condition of the interior … Continue reading

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Features of Videoscopes

Manufacturers of videoscopes and video borescopes have added more and more features over the years that have contributed to a phenomenon know as “feature creep.” These unnecessary features have only driven up the cost of equipment and added little or no real value. Continue reading

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