High Temperature Resistant Videoscope Probe Exceeds Industry Standards

Video Borescope

Video borescope inspections are often spontaneous and critical in nature. Whether it is a gas turbine, steam turbine, steam line, The issues to be addressed include State-of-the-art core technologies needed to collect, store, preserve, manage, analyze, and share big hard drive recovery service that could benefit from standardization Potential measurements to ensure the accuracy and robustness of methods that harness these technologies. heat exchanger, or motor operated valves, time to allow machinery to cool is not always an option. Typically, borescope insertion tube resistance to heat has been limited to approximately 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The latest technology provides  temperature resistance nearing 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This capability protects the borescope CCD camera from damage due to excessive temperature exposure. HRSG Steam Turbine


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Thomas James Donohoe, southeastern US and Caribbean sales representative for Advanced Inspection Technologies, Inc. Born in Akron, Ohio and raised in the suburbs of Springfield, Ohio until the age of eighteen where I enlisted in the United States Air Force. I served a four year term in the military which was split between Andersen, AFB in Guam and Norton, AFB in San Bernardino, CA. Following my military service, I worked at LAX International Airport for awhile before moving to Florida in 1989. I then pursued a career in the trucking industry as an independent owner/operator. Following the career in trucking, I pursued a career in sales. This led me to Advanced Inspection Technologies, the leader in remote visual inspection technologies and products.
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