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New Video Borescope For Professional Inspection

INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y X-Way long length video borescope is capable of fully articulating while completely coiled on the reel. This is not possible with any other video borescope. Using an advanced micro compressor the Vuman video borescope allows the tip … Continue reading

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Using A Borescope To Inspect Orbital Welds

Inspecting very small diameter welded piping requires a highly flexible borescope. Welded sections of sanitary piping or other high purity piping requires a borescope that can make the sharp bends, look at the wall and rotate 360° to view entire welds. A … Continue reading

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Borescope Inspection Of Large Cavities

A large cavity usually requires a large amount of light to successfully conduct a remote visual inspection with a borescope. This simply requires the largest possible borescope. If the borescope can be rigid it will be a simple matter to focus … Continue reading

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