Borescope Design Offers Interchangeable Probes

borescope, bore scope. boroscope, flexible borescope, fiber borescopeAdvanced Inspection Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of a new borescope to their product offering. AIT now offers the Milliscope™ flexible borescope. The new borescope is an affordable and small diameter solution for remote visual inspection of the smallest area.

The Milliscope™ flexible borescope is an affordable inspection system suitable for multiple applications. Outstanding optical clarity produces crisp images of the smallest defect. A flexible working length allows inspectors to snake around bends and corners to reach to most inaccessible areas.

The new instruments are available in diameters of 1.5 and 2.5 millimeters (.059 and 0.98 in.). These small diameters allow the borescopes to fit in the tightest areas and confined spaces to perform internal inspections. The flexible borescopes are also available in lengths up to 1000 millimeters (39.3 in.).

The Milliscope™ easily accepts a borescope video camera to allow recording of inspection results for later review and inclusion in reports. An adjustable eyepiece is focusable to allow for the most precise and clear images. The 32mm DIN eyepiece also means that the Milliscope™ flexible borescope can be adapted to any CCD camera system.

The universal AMCI light post allows connection to any borescope light source with a convenient adapter. An Optional mirror sleeve allows a forward view bore scope to have a side view capability. The new borescopes also offer a Wide 55° field of view allows a wider area to be inspected in a single pass for faster and more efficient inspections

AIT expects that the new Milliscope™ flexible borescope will be used for remote visual inspection in a variety of industries and applications. Typical industries that will find the new borescope useful include: Castings, Automotive, Manufacturing, Gun Barrel Inspections, Locksmiths, Security, Construction and Aviation.

For more information, please contact Advanced Inspection Technologies at +1 (321) 610-8977 –

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Paul C. Fitzgerald, President and CEO, Advanced Inspection Technologies Inc. has been involved in the remote visual inspection industry (RVI), Since leaving the US Marines in 1992. He has a background in business with an economics degree from the University of Rochester and an MBA from Florida Metropolitan University. He served in the United States Marine Corps as an artillery officer. Mr. Fitzgerald is a veteran of Desert Storm. Mr. Fitzgerald began his remote visual inspection career with Schott Fiber Optics where he was responsible for sales throughout the southeastern United States. He was a founding member of Everest Imaging (later GE Inspection Technologies) in 1996 and took on responsibility for sales in Florida and the Caribbean. Mr. Fitzgerald founded Advanced Inspection Technologies in 2008 to offer remote visual inspection solutions throughout North America. His background and experience have given him an excellent overview of the remote visual inspection industry. He has years of experience with RVI applications across multiple industries, applications and geographical areas using a wide variety of available instruments and technology. Now Mr. Fitzgerald is able to share his knowledge and experience through this Blog.
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