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Video Borescope used to inspect Pratt & Whitney GG4

A 6mm x 3m video borescope is being used to inspect Pratt & Whitney JT4 aircraft engines. The JT4 Was introduced to the aircraft industry in 1955. The most common use was on Boeing”s 707, and the Douglas dc-8. Since … Continue reading

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Power-Gen International to Showcase Remote Visual Inspection Equipment

The Power-Gen International conference and trade show will be held this year December 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center. Once again Nuclear Power International will be co-located with Power-Gen International. If you’re doing business in the nuclear or fossil … Continue reading

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Video Borescope used at Coca Cola Bottling company

A 6 millimeter Video borescope was used to inspect a Krones bottling machine. This particular Krones machine rotates at a maximum speed of 800 bottles per/minute. It bottles the sports drink powerade. The clearance between the base of the machine … Continue reading

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