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New Website Sells Borescopes

Advanced Inspection Technologies has recently launched a new website to sell borescopes online. The new website is The site is intended to be a low cost alternative source for high quality borescopes. Instruments will be among the most competitively … Continue reading

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Borescope Design Offers Interchangeable Probes

Advanced Inspection Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of a new borescope to their product offering. AIT now offers the Milliscope™ flexible borescope. The new borescope is an affordable and small diameter solution for remote visual inspection of the … Continue reading

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Using A Borescope To Inspect Orbital Welds

Inspecting very small diameter welded piping requires a highly flexible borescope. Welded sections of sanitary piping or other high purity piping requires a borescope that can make the sharp bends, look at the wall and rotate 360° to view entire welds. A … Continue reading

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