New Video Borescope For Professional Inspection

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New Vuman Video Borescope

INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y X-Way long length video borescope is capable of fully articulating while completely coiled on the reel. This is not possible with any other video borescope. Using an advanced micro compressor the Vuman video borescope allows the tip of the borescope to be steered up to 100 ft (30 Meters) while wrapped up on the storage reel or passed through unlimited bends. Other systems are bulky and not able to articulate unless they are laid end to end in a straight line.

Other video borescopes rely on cables to manipulate the tip of the borescope. Cable articulation has always had limitations due to tension that is present in the cable over great distances or multiple bends. This tension causes the cables to fail or become unresponsive. The Vuman offers a tremendous advantage over these systems because no tension is present regardless of length or the number bends. Compressed air is push through the length of the video borescope to manipulate the tip with astonishing results. Continue reading

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Using A Borescope To Inspect Orbital Welds

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Small Diameter Flexible Borescope Inspects Orbital Welds

Inspecting very small diameter welded piping requires a highly flexible borescope. Welded sections of sanitary piping or other high purity piping requires a borescope that can make the sharp bends, look at the wall and rotate 360° to view entire welds. A side view borescope should normal be used. Although a forward view borescope with a wide field can be used, but the detail is not as good, and some of the weld can be shadowed depending on the shape of the weld bead.

AIT now offers the super-flex scope which has a range of centering tools that can be added to the tip to maintain alignment in the pipe and focus distance to the weld. These small diaper and highly flexible borescopes can inspect 1/4”Ø pipe to 4”Ø pipe. Standard diameters are 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 9mm. The 9mm diameter is built with sheathing that is stiffer than the 2mm, 4mm and 6mm diameters. This allows it to be pushed into larger piping.

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Borescope Inspection Of Large Cavities

A Borescope requires powerful illumination to view in dark or large cavitiesA large cavity usually requires a large amount of light to successfully conduct a remote visual inspection with a borescope. This simply requires the largest possible borescope. If the borescope can be rigid it will be a simple matter to focus at the required distances.

If the borescope needs to be smaller due to access limitations, multiple access points should be investigated. Tools can be made to deliver a smaller scope to defined points within the cavity. Auxiliary lighting probes can be produced to help deliver light in addition to the light from the borescope probe.

If a semi-rigid borescope is desired for durability, a tip focusing scope can focus at multiple distances. Another advantage of a tip focus scope is the brightness can be better than an equivalent rigid scope. If the access is restricted only in one dimension, probes can be built to take advantage of the space available to maximize illumination. In the case of a slit access, the probe can be built with tubes placed adjacent to carry more lighting fibers and higher resolution image optics.

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