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Close Fitting Inner Diameter Borescope Inspection

When a borescope is being used to inspect the inside wall of a bore the following considerations are important. If a view directly at the wall is desired, and the borescope is a close fit in the bore, the focus … Continue reading

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Borescope Offers Interchangeable Objectives

Advanced Inspection Technologies now offers the Universal Borescope for industrial remote visual inspection. The new borescope is available in several diameters and lengths depending on the inspection it will be used for. The most advanced feature of the universal borescope … Continue reading

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Sidewinder Pipe Camera Inspects HRSG'S Boiler Tubes

The 100ft Sidewinder pipe inspection camera is used to inspect boiler tubes on a HRSG, heat recovery steam generator. The low, intermediate, and high pressure steam drums was the access point. The Sidewinder was pushed down through the riser to … Continue reading

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