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Borescope Design Offers Interchangeable Probes

Advanced Inspection Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of a new borescope to their product offering. AIT now offers the Milliscope™ flexible borescope. The new borescope is an affordable and small diameter solution for remote visual inspection of the … Continue reading

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Micro Borescopes Inspect Inside Castings and Machined Parts

Micro Borescopes that are 3.0 mm (0.12 in) and smaller in diameter can be used to inspect the interior of castings and machined parts. A micro or mini borescope can actually be as small as 0.35 mm (0.013 in). It … Continue reading

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Video Borescope Inspection of Castings

As castings come off the foundry line, they need to be thoroughly inspected. The casting of metal may include gaseous inclusions, bits of core sand or ceramic that breaks off and falls into the molten metal, excessive flash where the … Continue reading

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