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New Video Borescope For Professional Inspection

INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y X-Way long length video borescope is capable of fully articulating while completely coiled on the reel. This is not possible with any other video borescope. Using an advanced micro compressor the Vuman video borescope allows the tip … Continue reading

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Close Fitting Inner Diameter Borescope Inspection

When a borescope is being used to inspect the inside wall of a bore the following considerations are important. If a view directly at the wall is desired, and the borescope is a close fit in the bore, the focus … Continue reading

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Borescope & Pipe Camera Centering Devices Increase Viewing Capability

Video borescope, and pipe camera centering devices increase the viewing capability for the inspector. The borescope centering device easily attaches to the insertion tube just below the articulation point. The centering device keeps the insertion tube up, off the bottom … Continue reading

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